Casual loose dresses are generally based on a belt, and the effect of the match is still very casual. If you have a tall girl, it is recommended to choose a long dress. If it is a beautiful figure, it is recommended to wear a small dress with a slim fit. It should be divided into age groups, depending on the style of the dress. If you are a young girl, you can be flat shoes, or high-heeled shoes, depending on the color of your clothes or white or black or other colors. In general, it should not be casual shoes. It depends on personal preferences. Temperament, etc., these can reflect a person's quality, silk is a protein fiber, has the special properties of natural health care, and beautiful, noble, soft, comfortable and good quality, but easy to wrinkle, easy to fade, easy to break. Improper use, easy to damage; scientific care, always beautiful. First, water washing 1, silk is protein-like delicate fiber, should be gently hand-washed and dry-cleaned, avoid machine washing. Hand washing should be light and sloppy. It is generally not suitable for washing. The washing is easy to cause hair loss, shrinkage and deformation. It is recommended that you clean the clothes with reference to the washing label on the inside of the clothes. How to clean the woolen clothes: 1) The woolen clothes should not be washed, and the washing is easy to lose hair, shrinkage and deformation. It is recommended to send it to a professional dry cleaner for cleaning. The number of dry cleaning cannot be frequent